Classes For Standard VI to VIII

Mathematics includes various concepts related to numbers, their operation like computation, measurement, geometry, probability and statistics. We are eager to develop the skill to calculate and organize, and the ability to apply this knowledge and acquired skills in their daily life. We are interested to develop the  understanding of the principles of reasoning and problem solving. Children can learn at the early stage to rationalize and reason about the problem in detail.

Education entails instruction in various  forms  with an aim to help children develop an interest for the subjects and encourage them to enthusiastically participate in related activities, like  imagination, creativity and reasoning for  creative thinking and expression.

Integrating all five areas of learning like knowledge ,skills, comprehension, values and attitudes. Children should learn to  identify opportunities, challenge their potential and be open to new ideas. Children should be engaged in practices that promote physical, cognitive, emotional and social development and wellbeing. It will make them good citizens who can contribute in making the world a happy place. We prepare the children to develop competitive mind for problem solving.

Classes For Standard IX to X

We provide classes to students to score good marks in the board. And we also provide the classes to improve their skills.

Technical Classes:

BMT Computer education is the name that satisfies the standard and quality .  We conduct various quality control classes for various software development companies.  We are a pioneer in the field of computer education and ready to deliver the best.  We believe that the student not only have to learn but he/she has to deliver in the class.

C / C++




The UGC Recognized BCA, MCA, BTech(IT)